2014 Chatter

- Date information is KEY. Without it, the updates become difficult to track, especially as market activity picks up, so please do not post information without providing the date.
- It is an "open access" platform which means *anyone* who has this link can view, edit or comment on the information posted.
- Please post information about all types of jobs (i.e., tenure track, visiting, post-docs, research, teaching, etc.)
- When posting a new job PLEASE keep in mind that the jobs are in alphabetical order by university and insert rows accordingly.

- When inputting information, follow the format provided. This will help with ease of reading details for various postings (e.g., see LSU on the Macro section or BU on the Micro section for templates).

It might be best to go back to the Word document format. It's MUCH easier to follow!

NOTE: Please do not "Sort" the Micro or Macro jobs as it will mess up the formatting. If you would like to sort them for your own preferences, first download the file to your computer.
HOWEVER, IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY SORT THIS IS WHAT YOU DO: For every tab, notice that there is a column named "Line ID" that consists of a number, where the number increases by 1 with every line , e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., 249, 250, 251... You can just re-sort on the "Line ID" numbers to restore the original document.

The numbering system is a good idea but unfortunately this won't work when a new school is added to the list. For example, School A is on lines 1-5, then School B is on lines 6-10, but then what happens if a School C is inserted between A and B due to the alphabetized system? The Word doc approach is probably the best way to go

What is the order of schools on the jobs sheet? Wouldn't t be easier to have it in alphabetical order?

It is supposed to be in alphabetical order. We'll all have to chip in to try to keep it that way.

If anyone is handy with Google Sites, we could model a page after the marketing site. It's beautiful and keeps past seasons easy to access. http://www.marketingphdjobs.com/2014

Does look beautiful... but someone would have to port over everything from here. It took hours to set up this thing, even using a template from last year. Shouldn't we just try to get as many people to populate it as possible instead of starting from scratch? People need to bite the bullet and start populating the job candidates tab. If we all collaborate, we all benefit.

This excel doc template was what they used last year - not sure how the word doc approach is better, since it doesn't let you have those tabs for each new sheet. Number system should be fine if people remember to adjust the line ID when they insert School C between A and B. All you have to do is select the column below the inserted data and shift the entire column of numbers upwards to fill the gap. Not hard.

Here the link to the previous year 2012-2013 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AngV4gdBTd5JdGh0Qy1vQXBNekltVkpNX21iRmtXR2c#gid=5